Welcome to the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence (SCIRE) -- Version 4!

SCIRE is a synthesis of the research evidence underlying rehabilitation interventions to improve the health of people living with SCI. 

The products of SCIRE result from the combined efforts of expert scientists, clinicians, consumers and stakeholders to increase the accessibility of quality information in SCI rehabilitation.

It is expected that the pre-appraised, synthesized research from SCIRE will translate into improved health for Canadians by facilitating health care professionals, scientists, policy-makers and consumers with SCI to be informed of the latest evidence. People with SCI and their families may also find the information useful to understanding their health and health care.


Latest NewsVersion 4 of SCIRE Outcome Measures has been Launched! 

New features include how-to information detailing everything needed for usage of measures and summary pages with clinically relevant information.

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Website last updated on July 22, 2013

Learn more about SCIRE

provides information of the backgrounds of SCIRE development.

Rehabilitation Evidence image of smiling clinicians

Rehabilitation Evidence
summarizes and critically reviews existing scientific literature on a broad range of topics in SCI rehabilitation.

Outcome Measures image of question mark

Outcome Measures
presents common measures in SCI rehabilitation and describes their clinical utility and properties.

Education Modules image of spinal cord

Educational Modules
illustrate examples of patients likely to be encountered in SCI rehabilitation settings and provide an opportunity to integrate one's knowledge of the Rehabilitation Evidence with actual clinical problems.

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